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Provide financial support to your children with a trust.

As parents, protecting our children is our highest priority. If you have children you want to provide for, having an estate plan with your children’s particular needs in mind is crucial. I can ensure that I can give you careful, personalized guidance as you set up a trust for your children, helping you protect your children and your peace of mind.

Trusts for Children in Durham, North Carolina

Trusts for children are an estate planning tool that can provide your children with financial support they need if they are faced with a life without you. Minor children cannot legally inherit. A trust allows you to decide who will manage your children’s inheritance on their behalf and when your children should receive their inheritance. A good trust can also incorporate your values in setting priorities and limitations regarding your legacy.

I have extensive experience creating trusts for children, and I can guide you through the process. I have helped many families in Durham, North Carolina set up trusts to ensure their children are protected. Not all families look alike, and not all families have the same planning needs. I work extensively with “traditional” families but not all of my clients fit into that category.  I love to help blended families, single parents, same-sex families, grandparents raising their grandchildren, and partnered parents who have chosen not to marry.

For more information about what a trust does and what you should do to start the creation process, reach out to me at Vail Gardner Law today.

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