I hired Vail Gardner to update my estate plan following a major life change. Every step of the way Vail helped me understand the law, and the impact my choices would have on my estate. She has been very supportive along the way, and patient when I asked her to explain something for the third or fourth time! She understands that the process can be confusing and that the many details can feel overwhelming, and she never made me feel foolish for needing to have certain information repeated.

Gretchen W.-Hillsborough

Vail is simply the best! Our family kept putting off estate planning for far too long because we were apprehensive about how complicated and difficult the process would be. Vail made it as painless as possible. Our experience was first class; throughout the entire process, she was professional, caring, compassionate and worked with integrity and was very knowledgeable. Vail was very thorough in explaining the process, answering questions we had, and educating us on things we didn’t know. She is sensitive to the uncomfortable and difficult nature of planning for death. I wish there were more attorneys like Vail. Read the other 5 stars reviews on Vail Gardner Law, and you will see why. Anyone looking for help with their estate planning only needs to call Vail Gardner Law – no one else, period.
Mary U.

 Vail is an absolute professional. Her caring demeanor makes difficult conversations easier. Her breadth of knowledge extends far and wide, which helps complex situations become clear and discernible. I would recommend Vail for all of your estate planning needs.



Vail Gardner is one of the most caring, kind, compassionate people I’ve met. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge in the law, but she truly listens and helps her clients find the best solution to fit their personal needs. I highly recommend if you are going through a life change, have an elderly loved one, or are wanting to prepare for your future and your kids’ future that you contact Vail right away!
Christi Lowe Productions

Vail helped me navigate fee negotiations with my current estate lawyer, and it proved to be very helpful. I got my will updated at a fee both parties were happy with. Win/win. That’s Vail – a winner!
Heidi B.

Vail took time to walk me through her process and hear my current situation and needs. She will come to clients for meetings and offered great flexibility, which I value greatly.

Recently, Vail helped us navigate through the will and estate of our loved on who recently passed. She took the time to answer all of our questions with patience and love. She made us feel heard and gave us all the information we needed to understand what the will stated in terms we could process. She was super attentive and easy to work with. I felt very much at peace working with her.

Vail was a real pleasure to work with. Vail has a real gift for translating legal concepts into layman’s terms. Vail was quick and efficient while also taking the time necessary to ensure we produced an estate plan tailored according to our needs and desires. I recommend Vail without reservation.

I can’t thank Vail enough for all her work, expertise and patience in working with us. I’m very thankful to have found her.

M.A. and D.A., Durham

Vail is calm, knowledgeable, and caring. She explained everything very clearly so the process made sense. She explained our options and recommended a simple plan over an unnecessary, more complicated route. She took what could be a painful process and made it as pain-free as possible. I would absolutely recommend Vail for estate planning services.

Janse and Ken H., Durham

Vail is professional, knowledgeable and very patient. She is an excellent guide through the estate planning process.
Brian S.

I engaged with Vail to process my will and related documents. She was very professional and put together my complete package (will, health care power of attorney, etc.). The work was thorough and correct for my state of North Carolina. Her advice in helping me think through the issues was invaluable. Highly recommended.
Jim B.

I am a personal injury attorney and have had the opportunity to refer clients to Vail before. She does a great job for her clients, and I highly recommend her without hesitation.
Kevin G.

Vail is kind and helpful. She goes out of her way to make sure clients get the advice they need.
L C.

Vail is warm, patient, and approachable–essential qualities for work that can often feel intimate. She took what seemed like a daunting process and broke it down into steps that made sense and felt empowering. I am grateful to have worked together and for the peace of mind having a plan in place for the future for me and my family.
Megan R.

Vail set up the power of attorney and medical directives for my boys after they turned 18. She really knows what she’s doing, and the whole process was easy. She even came to our home to sign the documents. Highly recommended.
Lucie W.

Vail has helped us take care of some very stressful issues. She was very knowledgeable, incredibly kind and understanding. Thank you so much, Vail!
Daniela H.

I needed a change in my will and some legal advice. Vail was recommended to me by a neighbor, and I was quite pleased

Vail was exactly the person I needed to help sort out my estate. She asked difficult questions, good questions, asked one way and then another, all to be sure we were on the same page and that I understood where we were going. I highly recommend her.

Vail Gardner is a compassionate person and someone who wants to make sure all the details are correct. She goes the extra mile, which includes making all the necessary meetings convenient for us, even driving to our house! My husband and I loved working with Vail! Now we are relaxed and stress-free about what happens to our property and financial assets after we are no longer needing them. Vail is excellent!
Toni S.

Super sharp, yet with a sense of humor and integrity. I would highly recommend Vail.

June C., Durham

Vail walked us through the process of estate planning and made the process as understandable and manageable as possible! We appreciate her expertise and responsiveness and highly recommend her to other folks looking to take care of this important task for their family.
Katherine H.

I am also an attorney in North Carolina and have hired Vail to assist me with several matters in Florida since she is licensed there in addition to North Carolina. Vail is very attentive to detail and turns work around very quickly. She’s personable and very easy to work with. I would recommend her for your legal needs!
Aaron L.

Vail is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and meticulous. She’s also great fun to work with. She answered all of our questions and made the process easy. We are so grateful to have worked with Vail–and so relieved to know that we have put in place plans that will help our family in the future.
Jim H.

I had the pleasure of working with Vail Gardner on my estate planning. She was lovely to work with. Vail is incredibly knowledgeable and explained things in a way that made them easy to understand. She is professional, conscientious, communicative, and thoughtful. Also worth noting, Vail was happy to accommodate my hectic schedule by coming to me at my office for our meetings, which I greatly appreciated. I highly recommend her services.
Heather H.

I recently had a major loss in my life, and Vail was such a wealth of information for me. She is very personable yet professional at the same time. Vail guided me through the paperwork I needed to complete. I would definitely use her legal services again.
Suzanne M.

Vail has assisted me and my father a few times on issues involving real estate property and an LLC. We’ve found Vail to be responsive, efficient, and a great communicator.

Vail provided us with clarity and calm while helping us obtain information with the death of a loved one. We used her to help us navigate the will and estate of my husband’s father. She answered all of our questions, translated the will in terms we understood, and directed us with how to move forward. She is very easy to work with. She is very easy to understand. She allows you to ask any question you need, while answering it in a way you understand. If you are dealing with the death of a loved one and trying to navigate the aftermath, she is a great asset to help you.
Dana W.