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Make planning your estate a priority.

Estate planning is about the people you love, the people you trust, and the people who are counting on you. A personalized estate plan allows you to take care of your family and establish your legacy.

Estate Planning in Durham, North Carolina

In addition to distributing your assets according to your specific wishes when you pass away, an estate plan provides legal authority for others to take care of you, your children, and your finances should you become incapable of managing your own affairs, even if only temporarily. Although every estate plan is completely customized, I can help you with the plan that will suit your needs:

  • Will Based Plans— A will-based plan is designed for couples or individuals without children or dependents and who have limited assets.
  • Trust based Plans—Trust-based plan is perfect for families, children, basically anyone who has dependents to care for.
  • Trusts for children– Minor children do not have the legal capacity to inherit. With a personalized trust, parents decide when their children receive their inheritance – at specified ages, for specified reasons and with specified limitations.

At Vail Gardner Law, my woman-owned law firm provides estate planning advice to families and individuals who want to protect their interests and their family’s future. Set up an estate planning consultation with my law firm in Durham, North Carolina by contacting me today.

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